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Tasha’s Touch

fp1 Take a journey and experience Tasha’s Touch, a refreshing and eloquent approach to natural jewelry wear. Since an early age, Tasha L. Harris has shared her many talents of healing as well as creating beautiful handmade jewelry. Starting at the age of sixteen, she began crafting jewelry pieces as gifts for family and friends. The founder of Thee Angels Network, Tasha’s gift of healing and spiritual development continues with her numerous collections of jewelry and is shared with you as part of Tasha’s Touch Etsy market. Collections ranging from business attire to formal evening wear, Tasha’s jewelry creations are as elegant as they are good for you. Materials hand selected for their natural healing attributes such as Amethyst, Rose Quartz amongst other natural stones are just a few materials which are used in various pieces. fp2Now further refining and expanding her expertise, Tasha’s Touch will include new pieces ranging from men’s wear to collections honoring her mother, Edith Lorraine and grandmother, Maggie Keel, whom passed on their talents to her. However, a charity collection, the proceeds of which will be donated to HIV and autistic newborn children, known as the “Tidder Todder Babies Collection”, is also in the works, aiming to be launched in the late Spring, early Summer of 2010. Not only do many pieces found in Tasha’s Touch boast healing and spiritual betterment, but Tasha shares with you her knowledge of each natural material utilized as well as their own unique properties. Whether you’re a long-time fan of natural jewelry or simply intrigued by what Tasha’s Touch has to offer, Tasha welcomes you.

Please reach her at info@tashastouch.com Google+