Healing Chakra Bracelets


I have created a new one, totally unlike Ayana’s lovely piece, that is hers alone.


Darn you cant see the sterling silver separators.


note –  silver rhinestone  roundeles after each 2 8mm color (natural) beads.

clear quartz, amethyst, sodalite, aventureine, tigers eye, carnelian, hematite with 2 sterling silver spacers on each end and toggle clasp.

I made a few pair of earrings to match since most ladies like that.

carnelian and on the right – aventurine.

amethyst  on left  and  tiny 4mm faux pearls like earring for the working ladies that need a little something.
Chakra earring for you guys (subs only)  5 bucks and bracelet = 10 bucks.
Pearls 5 bucks too.

I will be putting repurchased pairs on my site for double.

(I will post the properties tomorrow= Crystals 101.)

You might have a peek over at  TESTERS WANTED to see the earrings I will soon only  make for my subs.  if you don’t like them when you BUY a pair then you just tell me and I will ADD the store bought ones. Though I am making them a bit smaller these days, they still work better to me.

I have been taking more time in de-burring the ends of the earrings so they are easier to put in. Let me know how I am doing ok?

Thank you for your support and AS ALWAYS…leave the notes for what you want in comments so others can see what is available.  Then when you pay in Paypal I will have your address to send your goodies to.


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